Social Bowls - Update 12/10



In late breaking news...results from the Wednesday Social game this week.

1st with 41 Shots up were K. Dorning, J. Nicholson & J. Wonnacott.

2nd with 29 Shots up were M. Walker, K. Graeber & D. Warner

Best single game win with 9 Shots up were J. Janetski, P. Cairncross & C. Cairncross.

Jackpot of $342 did not go off, so get an entry in for next week.

Remember that the format has changed to 3 games of 10 ends for the Summer Season.


Wednesday Social Bowlers were treated to some great weather yesterday. The format continues to be illusive though...this week seems to be a mixture of Triples and Pairs.

1st A. Thompson, C. Fothergill & K. Oswald
2nd K. Archer, R. Benning & J. Fothergill
3rd R. Bevors & I. Bard

The jackpot $139 did not go off



We advise that owing to the continuing inclement weather, the grass greens (1,2 and 3) will not be available for use on this Saturday.

With the Pennant season fast approaching, it is necessary that we have our Pennant sides getting as much practice as possible. Our original plans were for some of our sides to play at Monbulk and Heathmont with their sides also visiting Berwick, but leaving ample rinks for Bankers.

However Heathmont also have had to close their greens. Fortunately Monbulk have agreed to accommodate additional Berwick sides, but it still means that we will have 4 sides remaining at Berwick.

Accordingly, with 4 sides at home, and requiring pennant practice, there will not be any rinks available for use by Bankers.

We apologise for any inconvenience, and trust that Bankers will accept this decision, fully understanding that we are dealing with circumstances beyond our control.

Jeff Janetzki
Chairman Bowls


Wednesday Results - looks like a mixture of triples and fours again.

1st place with 12 shots up A. Tompson, C. Fothergill & K.Oswald

2nd place with 10 shots up were P. Ataud, C. Glassonbury, T.Mundy & B.Baars

3rd Best single game with 23 shots up were J. Janetzki, P. Caincross, C. Caincross & K. Fox

Jackpot $61 - maybe it did, maybe it didn't


Wednesday Rolls Around again..
Winners on the day were Ken Dorning, John Nicholson & Bob Waugh with 20 shots up
Runners Up were Sue Conrad, David Conrad & Norm Byrd with 18 shots up
Best Single Game were Alan and Pat Thompson & Annie Jones (or is that Black?) not sure of the score.
Jackpot. Maybe it did, maybe it didn't. Youll have to play next week and find out!


And so ends the Winter Social Bowls for the 2017 Season.

Many thanks to everyone for making Winter Bowls a success this year, the contribunion from organisers, players, volunteers and generally everyone an not be underestimated.

The winners on the day were our erstwhile Match Committee of Eddie and Marie Wilson and Charlie "Wilson" with 26 shots up.

In 2nd place, with thanks to Keith ?? Fox, Graham Burrington and Greg Marsh were Alan Clements, Dennis Griffin and Ken Graeber with 16 Shots up.

Best 2nd game goes to Sue and David Conrad and Bob Waugh with 24 shots up.

Opening Day next week, Pennant Practice for the 2nd game next week, please put your name on the list posted on the back of the Pennant whiteboard near the slope.


Wednesday Social Bowls.

Not a lot of banter from the Bowls Office with today's results.

Looks like a mix of Triples and fours again today, with everyone off the green before the rain.

In 1st place with 21 shots up were R. Benning, M. Garner & P. Ellis

Coming in 2nd with 16 shots up were P. Mangan, A. Bertoncello & G.Eager

3rd place for best single game with a mighty 22 shots up were S. Conrad, D. Conrad, N. Byrd & B. Anderson

The Jackpot of $110 did not go off, so next week there will be more to play for.

Just a reminder that this Saturday's game will be the final running of the 2017 Winter Social Bowls, the Jackpot will be won this week.


Saturday Social Bowls. Second last game for the Winter Season.

Bit of a sprinkle at the start of the day, but we managed to finish in the sunshine.

Sixty one bowlers joined in, mostly in fours. Selectors sleuth Ken Graeber made a special guest appearance and was seen mumbling quietly to various members of the Berwick power brokers.

The winners with 10 shots up were Keith (armchair ride) Fox, Trevor (3 bowls) Mundy & Bob (put my name first) Gladman

Second place, due to heavy snow in Mulbulk, and also with 10shots up were David Bond, Graham Rushton, Ron McGrath & Ralph Jansz

And rounding out the prizes with 8 shots up were Carl (where's Reg?) Lepinskas, Bill Hails, John & Eileen Kershaw

The jackpot, jackpotted. It will go off next week.


Wednesday Social Bowls

The day was played over two games of 8 ends due to the weather. Only two more weeks until Winter is officially over!

1st Place with 14 shots up were K.Graeber, T. Cantwell, V. Smith & W. Cantwell

In 2nd spot with 9 shots up were K.Lapinskis, J. Kershaw, R.Beevors and club visitor only known as Iris.

3rd prize for best single game with 8 Shots up were M.Black, R.Bastiani and Russell (just Russell)

The modest Jackpot of $53 did not go off, so the Money grows for next week.


Super Saturday Bowls.

60 players joined in for a social game today, no rain to spoil our fun.

Winners on the day with 16 Shots up were Keith Fox Helped out with three bowls each from Bobby Gladman and Trevor Mundy.

On 13 shots up were the foursome of Reg (not sure who he wants to bowl with next week) Rowswell ably supported by Val Fowler, John Lindley and John Kershaw.

Best 2nd game with 16 shots up were Rob McGrath, Bill Hayles, Eileen Kershaw and John Arboit.

The jackpot jackpotted again!


A colourful day at Berwick for our Social Bowlers

Results of the day are...

Winning the day R.Benning, M. Garner & B.Lee

In 2nd K. Lapinskas, J . Kershaw, B.Mcintyre & J.McSwain

In 3rd spot were B. White, D. McArthur & T. French

With a 4th spot this week going to F. Black, J. Arboit & B Barrs.

Thanks to Graham Rushton for the colourful shot across the green that adorns our Facebook post this week.



Bright and breezy Saturday Winter weather today.

51 hardy souls braved the conditions to enjoy a couple of games.

The winners with 16 Shots up were Brad Rolls, Val Fowler and Stephen Wakeman

In second place with 10 shots up were Keith ?? Fox, Trevor Mundy and Bob Gladman

In third place with 10 shots up was split between two teams.

The Jackpot, Jack potted!



Wednesday Social Bowls.

Judging from the results it was a game of Triples.

Winners on the day were Charlie Azzopardi, Pat Ellis & Malcom Garner

Runners up were Tony French, Bob White & Lyn McCurran

Best single game was won by John Nicholson, John Wonnacott & Lynette Moorish


Social Bowls Update - Saturday Conditions of Play

A similar format as Wednesday bowls will apply to social bowls being played on Saturday until 26th August. The format will consist of up to 16 teams playing 2 bowl fours over 2 random draw games of 11 and 13 ends commencing at 11.00am.

Nominations will be a max. of 16 teams of three players combined with nominated singles by random draw (lolly pop sticks).

Team Sheets will be available from 10:00am, a maximum of 64 players will get a game.

If after the allocation single players, any teams left with 3 players will play 3-3-2 bowls.

In order that play can commence by 11.00am members are asked to be in attendance by 10.30am.
BBC Match Committee


Saturday Social Bowls

Bit chilly today, but no rain came.

64 Bowlers got out on the Synthetic Green for a game of Two Bowl Fours.

Winning the day with 15 shots up were the group of Eddie Wilson, Marie Wilson, Charlie Azzopardi & Ralph Jansz

In 2nd place with 7 shots up were Richard Benning, Malcolm Garner, Pat Ellis & Albert Bertoncello

and bringing up the rear with 13 shots up were Keith ??Fox, Andrew Johnstone, Kevin Roberson & Wayne Soutter

The jackpot went off today Too so we reset next week


Social Bowls Update - Wednesday Conditions of Play

The following format will apply to social bowls being played on Wednesdays for the next six weeks until 30th August in an effort to optimise the grass greens for play in September.

The format will consist of up to 16 teams playing 2 bowl fours over 3 random draw games each of 8 ends commencing at 11.00am.

Nominations will be a max. of 16 teams of three players combined with nominated singles by random draw (lolly pop sticks).

If after the allocation single players any teams left with 3 players will play 3-3-2 bowls.

In order that play can commence by 11.00am members are asked to be in attendance by 10.30am.

BBC Match Committee

Grass greens closed until further notice - All games and practice must be conducted on the synthetic green.

15/7/17 Saturday Triples

We've been spoiled again by the weather today.

Clickety click (66) players enjoyed a bright and sunny afternoon of bowls today.

Many thanks to RetireInvest Berwick for their sponsorship of the day's play.

Four prizes today....

In first place with 16 shots up were Malcolm Garner, Pat Ellis & Cheryl Cairncross

Coming in 2nd with 3 shots up were John Nicholson, Jimmy the whippet Young and Bruce Shearer

And in 3rd place with 16 shots up were Andrew Bunnell, Roy Down and Brad Rolls

Fourth place with 15 shots up were Ralph Jansz, Maxine Jogensen and Bobby Boom Boom Player.

...and the Jackpot Jackpotted!

12/7/17 Wednesday Triples 

Another Winter Wednesday, another great day for bowls.

1st place with 34 shots up were the combination of
C. Azzopardi, M. Garner & P. Ellis

In 2nd place with 20 shots up were
M. Bolle, T. O'Shea & T. Wright

Best winning game with 21 shots up were the grouping of
T. Torney, T. Norton & D. Warner

Well done to all the successful teams, and well done to everyone who enjoyed a sunny afternoon's entertainment on the green (or brown as the case may be).

Jackpot of $192 moves on to next week.

8/7/17 Saturday Triples

Seventy two crazy people decided to play bowls today.

Nine of of them won some money!

The winners with 20 Shots up were Sue & Dave Conrads and Bob Waugh.

The runners up were, with 18 shots up were The Trevors ( Norton & Tormey) & Carol Klooster.

Best 2nd game with 24 Shots up were Wendy & Tom Cantwell and Ken (couldn't hit a bull in the arse with a bag of wheat) Graeber

5/7/17 - Wednesday Triples 

Another great day for bowls 60 players enjoyed a good day.

1St place with 42 shots up.

J. Majkut, G. Wastell & D. McArthur

2nd place with 14 shots up were

K. Graeber, T. French & M. Garner

Best single game score went to

P. Artaud, C. Glassenbury & T. Munday

The jackpot rolls on to next week.

24/6/17 -Saturday Social Triples 

Saturday weather was changeable today with some rain, sun and a sprinkling of wind.

70 odd bowlers took part in yet another enjoyable day of bowls.

And the results are

Winning the day with +25 were Cliff Fothergill, Alan Thompson and Peter Artaud.

Second spot went to Trevor Tourney, Trevor Norton and Reno Bastiani with +16.

Best 2nd game went to John Smythe, Charlie Azzopardi and Marie Wilson.

67,000 people shared the Jackpot which will reset next week.

17/6/17 - Saturday RetireInvest Triples

The players up at the Gold Coast would be envious if our fabulous Winter sunshine today.

90 players enjoyed great conditions at the June edition of of the RetireInvest Saturday Triples.

Winners were
Alan Clements, Dennis Griffin & Mark Walker

Second place went to Andrew Johnson, Kevin Roberson & Stephen Wakeman

Best 2nd game winners were Andrew Cook, Tony Watson and Andrew Brock and they also won the jackpot!!

Lucky Losers were Doug Fisher (with his shiny new arm) Vivian Fisher & Bev Edwards

Thanks once again to Pierina and the team at RetireInvest.


14/6/17 - Wednesday Triples

..and the winners are:

1st place were B. White, L. Mc Curran & D. Harlow with 19 shots up

2nd place were G. Rushton, D. Bond & C. Gage

Best single game win P. Thompson, M. Taylor & J. Fothergill with 14 shots up

..and a reminder that this Saturday's event is sponsored by RetireInvest Berwick, so get your entry in for a chance at a share in $450 in prize money.

10/6/17 - Saturday Triples

Saturday Social Bowls attracted another good field of 84 players this week...

...and the grass continues to run very well for this time of the year.

Winning the day with 14 shots up were Tony and Val Wynen and their erstwhile partner Vaughn Smith

Coming in second place were Alan Thompson alongside Cliff and Jean Fothergill with 9 shots up.

Best Second game with 22 shots up were Rod Beavors, Mike Hodges and Mark Gillotto

Next weekend is a sponsored event with thanks to RetireInvest Berwick, so get your team entered early.B

7/6/17 - Wednesday Triples

The heavy hitters came out in the Winter sunshine today...

In first place on a count back were Alan Thompson, Cliff Fothergill & Kurt Oswold on 24 shots up

Runners up were Andrew Cook, Jeff Janetzki & Andrew Brock

Third prize for Best single game winners with 14 Shots up were Rob McGrath, Jan Pearson & Norm Byrd

And Bob White, Lynn McCurran and Doug Harlow took out the Jackpot ($282)

31/5/17 - Winter Wednesday 

It was a pretty cool day on the one green that was available for bowls today

16 teams took part and the winners were...

1st A Thompson C Fothergill K Oswald with 32 shots up.

2nd P Artaud C Glassenbury T Munday with 29 shots up.

3rd Best single winning game J Matkut G Wastell D McArthur with 14 shots up.

The jackpot didn't go off. $210 rolls on to next week's game.

20/5/17 - Super Saturday 

The greens are still in great condition, and running well, although a decision was taken to run East/West this week to help protect them.

83 players, including many new(er) members and players took part under sunny Autumn skies...and the results...

In first place with a score of 13 shots up were Peter Artaud, Rod Bevors and Colin Glassenbury
Second place was shared by two teams on 8 shots up...

Maurice Boyd, Shirley Moon and Albert Bertoncello shared the prize with Gary Wastell and Charles Azzopardi

Best second game with 30 shots up, John Edwards, Bob Gladman and Ray Gillies.

The Jackpot was taken out this week by John Stoker and Les & Elaine Horne.

As always, our thanks to all of the volunteers who help to run the day, your efforts are sincerely appreciated.

17/7/17 - Palindrome Wednesday 

Great day for bowls with 84 players ready for some mid week Autumn bowling.

results for the day...

In 1st place were Doug Harlow, Bob White & Lynn McCurran with 32 shots up.

2nd place were Vaughan Smith, Tony Wynen & Val Wynen with 28 shots up.

Best single game were John Edwards, Keith Archer & Doug Fisher with 20 shots up.

Jackpot of $162 was shared between Four winning teams.

13/5/17 - Saturday Triples 

Brilliant Saturday Autumn afternoon for bowls today.


Winner with +19 Peter Artaud, Colin Glassenbury and young Rodney Bevors

2nd with +12 Mal Garner, Richard Benning and Judy Turner

Best 2nd game John Edwards and Bob Gladman (yes, they were a pair!)

Jackpot was won by John and Leanne Kleverlaan and Pam Taylor

10/5/17 - Wednesday Triples Results

Good day for bowls today, crisp Autumn day with no rain. And the results are:
Winning the day with 29 shots up were the team of Peter Artaud, Colin Glassenbury and Trevor Munday. Pink Power rules supreme!
Coming in 2nd place with 27 shots up were the groupng of Tony French, Peter Cairncross and Cheryl Cairncross.
Best Single Game winners with 20 shots up were Jean Fothergill, Bob White and Lynn McCurran
The Jackpot carries over until next week


Autumn is making its presence known with rain affected play on Saturday 

Saturday Triples Result.

Rain stopped play after 9 ends of the second game but we did play 13 in the first game.

Winners: Cliff Fothergill, Peter & Cheryl Cairncross

Runners Up: Malcolm Garner, Pat Ellis & Richard Benning

Best Last Game: Trevor Norton, Trevor Tormey & ???. (our apologies there was no record of the third member of this team)


Wednesday Triples results

1st Prize Charlie Azzapardi/Malcom Garner/Pat Ellis

2nd Prize Cliff Fothergill/Alan Thompson/Kurt Oswald

3rd Prize Tony French/Peter Cairncross/Cheryl Cairncross

Jackpot Rob Clyne/A Reina/Brian Lee


Saturday Two Bowl Triples Results

14 Rinks in play yesterday and the winners were

Winning the day were C. Fothergill, C. Cairncross & P. Cairncross with +18 shots, with their thanks to Craig Cunningham, P. Adair & John Arboit with (you guessed it) -18 shots!

Second Place went to Keith Fox, T. French and J.Horwood with +12 shots

Best 2nd Game to A. Cook, G. Wright and Jeff Janetzki

When 3 teams all had the jackpot number, the three skips decided to head out to the green keeper's shed to sort out a winner! The smart money was on Rod Bevors to come out on top!

To ensure smooth running of the Social Competition each week Players are remined to register their teams early, the registration page is on the slope each week for the next round's competition. Players are also asked to advise the club as early as possible if they need to cancel from the day for any reason.

Thanks for your co-operation


A bonza day for bowls today!

77 players indulged in a game of 2 bowl triples (not sure about the mathematics there)

Winners with a lazy 20 shots up were
K Fox, D Reddy & K Graeber

Runners up
A Cook, A Brock & J Edwards

Best Game
C Azzopardi, R Benning & P Ellis

Jackpot did not go off


Saturday Triples Results with thanks to our sponsor David W Bull Funeral Director.

Winners with a second game score of +13 were
Tony French, Andrew Brock and Jean Heggard

Second Place with +12 were
Alan Clements, Tom Livingstone and Graham Rushton

Best 2nd Game winners also with +12 were
David Conrad, Sue Conrad and Geoff Wright

Next week there will be no social bowls as we host the End of Season triples tournament with all four greens filled for the day.

Saturday Social Triples will resume on the 29th of April, register your side on the slope.


Results from Wednesday Two Bowl Triples

1st place winners were
Peter Artaud, Colin Glassenbury, Ray Gillies with
3 wins, +15 shots

2nd place getters were
Charlie Azzopardi, Malcolm Garner, Richard Benning with
3 wins, +14 shots

Best Single Game winners were
Jean and David Reddy with Lachlan Livingstone with a lazy +22 shots

Don't forget to enter a team for this Saturday's Triples event, we need 20 teams to play off for $400 in prize money with thanks to David W Bull Funerals.
Dress in Mufti and bring your lunch for an 11:00 am start.


Wednesday Social Bowls game format has changed for the "winter" season.

The format is Triples with three games of 10 ends.

Today's results ...

Overall winners
A. Thompson, C. Fothergill & K. Oswald

Best 1st Game
R. Rowswell, J. Kershaw & B. McInytre

Best 2nd Game
K. Ersele, P. Voohen & B. Waugh

Best 3rd Game
P. Artaud, C. Glassenbury & T. Munday



Starting tomorrow week (1st April) the format will be nominated 2 bowl triples over 2 games of 11 and 13 ends commencing at 11:00am with total prize monies of $150.

Finger foods will be available behind the bar.


Social Bowls Update


Barry Richards, Marlene Dargie & Lynette Morrish
Helen Adair, John Arboitt, Blake Keel & Anneke Wynen

Today's Wednesday Triples

Only 58 Players this week. It would be great to see a few more people out and about on Wednesday Afternoon, especially now that Mid Week Pennant is completed... Winners this week were
1st S. Conrad, D. Conrad & J. Kluyt
2nd G. Eager, B. Shearer & J. Turner
3rd B.White, L. McCurran, B. Durnian
4th K. Dorning, P. Mangan & J. Nicholson
Jackpot of $125 to continue on to next week.


Wednesday Social Bowls Results

1st B. Gladman, R Lake & F. DiStella
2nd A. Cook, J. Janetzki & A. Brock
3rd P. Lyons, J. Weir & S. Lyons
4th K. Dorning, J. Nicholson, & J Wonnacott
Jackpot $114 went off this week

Bankers winners from Saturday were

Bill Wynen, Bob Player and Leanne Kleverlaan


Wednesday Social Bowls Results

1st D. Bartley, N. Creagh & J.Kleverlaan
2nd T. French, P. Cairncross & C. Cairncross
3rd V. Smith, T. Wynen & V. Wynen
4th J. Heggart, J. Smyth & N. Byrd
Jackpot $54 to jackpot


Saturday Bankers winning team 

John Kleverlaan, Mark Saunders, Philip Bradshaw & Eileen Horne


Wednesday Social Triples Results.

60 Bowlers too part and the winning groups are ...

1st P Cairncross, J Kleverlaan & C Cairncross
2nd K Fox, B White & L Mc Curran
3rd R Beevors, A Bertoncello & R DeBastiani
4th D Corrigan, D Bartley & N Creagh

Jackpot $118 went off this week. Congratulations to the winners.


Saturday Bankers result

Helen Adair, Brian McWhirter, Marg. Powick, Rino D’Bastiani


Social bowls update

Saturday Bankers (4/1) - apology for the late posting

Marg Jorgensen, Alf Reina, Greg Marsh & John Lindley

Wednesday Triples results today

58 players Took part ..and the results are

  • 1st B Gladman R Lake F Di Stella
  • 2nd D Walker D Mc Watters B Saunders
  • 3rd M Bolle T O'shea T Wright
  • 4th D Corrigan D Hoffman D Bartley

Jackpot $58 to continue to next week


Wednesday Social Two Bowl Triples Results

11 Rinks and 66 players took part today and the results are:..

1st - B. Gladman, R. Lake & F. Di Stella
2nd - P. Artaud, C. Glassenbury & K. Fewster
3rd - A. Thompson, C. Fothergill & K. Oswald
4th - M. Black, J. Edwards & B. Edwards

Jackpot $122 went off


Wednesday Social Bowls Results

1st K. Graeber, D. Reddy, N. Creagh
2nd A. Thompson, C. Fothergill, K. Oswald
3rd I. Harris, G. Eager, H. Walsh
4th K. Davis, R. Rawson, J. Wilson
Jackpot of $114 did not go off, a bit more incentive to come along next week.
Remember to get your name down on the list early to avoid dissapointment.


1st K Crook D Mc Watters B Saunders
2nd B Gladman F Di Castella R Lake
3rd J Heggart J Smyth N Byrd
4th K Lapinskas J Kershaw B Mc Intyre
Jackpot $54 went off


Social bowls returned to Wednesday this week.

There were 66 players who filled 11 rinks on the day.

And the winners were....

1st K Dorning, J Nicholson, J Wonnacott

2nd K Cook, D Mc Watters, B Saunders

3rd R Rowswell, J Kershaw, B McIntrye

4th J Heggart, J Smyth, N Byrd

Jackpot $280 went off, winners unknown at the time of posting. 

Midweek bowls returns to Wednesday from 11/1/17

Start time is 10:30



The game time shifted to the earlier start this week. A few souls were caught out by the move, lets hope they set their alarm clocks for next week!

Winners are

1st T French, D Warner & D Bond

2nd K Graeber, R Benning & D Reddy

3rd P Artaud, C Glassenbury & K Fewster

4th B Stilo, A Bertancello & M Thompson

Jackpot $180 didn't go off


Thursday Triples were treated to glorious conditions again this week, with bright sun and great grass to play on.

Thanks to Mark Walker and all the members involved with the care of the greens.

Our winners this week are...

1st J Horwood D Warner T French

2nd A Cook J Janetzki A Brock

3rd D Corrigan D Hoffman D Bartley

4th Rob Cook R Benning B Saunders

Jackpot was shared between 3 teams and resets again next week. Dont forget that the start time is moving on the first game in December.


Social bowls took place in beautiful conditions on Thursday afternoon.

The day was sponsored by Aveo Retirement Living our thanks to them for their continued support of the Berwick Bowling Club.

The winners this week are...

1st Place - K Prescott ,T Cantwell & W Cantwell

RunnersUp - G Wastell, D McArthur & T Munday

3rd Position - R Beevors, A Bertoncello & P Steere

4th Spot- R Roswell, B McIntyre & J Kershaw

The Jackpot of $98 didn't go off this week, so it can only get bigger.


Thursday Social bowls for this week.

This Week saw some hairdressing fashion faux pas amongst the gathered throng. While Keith Fox was trying to recall just who it was that he loaned $20 to!

Our winners this week were

Bill Stilo, Maxine Joganson and Rob Licorise

Rob Kline, John Kluut and Alf Reiner

Bob McIntyre, John Kershaw and Reg Rowswell

David Corrigan, Don Hoffman and Denis Bartley


In news today, it was announced that the Thursday Social Game will be starting at 10:00am from December 1st. Please note the time change.


Thursday Social Bowls was also squeezed in today after the end of the extra Mid Week Pennant games were completed.
Thanks to O'Brien Real Estate for the fantastic support that's given to the club through your continued sponsorship.
And the winners are...
1st C. Glassenbry, A. Bertoncello & K.Fewster
2nd D.Corrigan, D. Hoffman & D. Bartly
3rd K. Dorning, J. Nicholson & J. Wonnacott
4th R. Rowswell, J Kershaw & B. McIntrye
Jackpot $120 didn't go off


Quite a good turnout again this week, our winning teams are:

1st D. Harlow, K. Lewis & K. Lewis

2nd K. Graeber, R.Benning & D. Reddy

3rd D .Griffin, P. Cairncross & C. Cairncross.

4th J. Janetzki, A. Brock & A . Cook

Jackpot $78 did not go off


There were nearly three full rinks of players out to enjoy the Thursday triples this week

Our winners are:

1st Dennis Griffin, Peter and Cheryl Cairncross (Two weeks in a row!!)

2nd Jean Reddy, Pat Thompson and Jean Fothergill

3rd Ken Graeber,  Richard Benning and Dave Reddy

4th Kerry Davis, and the ERBR Singles Finalists Fred Black and Michael Black

The jackpot of $168 went off to persons unknown.


Our Social Bowls was played this week is Sunny, but Windy weather...welcome to October everyone.

Our winners this week are:

1st Peter & Cheryl Carncross & George Harris

2nd Ken Graeber, Richard Benning & Dave Reddy

3rd Bill Stilo, Keith Clark & Maxine Thompson

4th Ken Dorning, John Nicholson & John Wonnacott

The Jackpot of $84 did not go off, so get your entry in for next week.

Our thanks go out to Lifestyle Communities for their sponsorship of the event. Special thanks to Marion and Annabel for joining us.

29/9/2016 - Weather cancellation - no play today


Vastly improved weather this week has reopened the greens. Mid week social bowls results from this week are...

1st Ken Graeber Richard Benning , David Reddy

2nd Garry Wastell , David McArthur , Trevor Munday

3rd Alan Thompson , Cliff Fothergill , Kurt Oswald

4th Joan Heggart , Sue Reber , Norm Byrd


Social bowls scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled due to the rain.

This decision was taken to ensure the long term health of the grass greens.

The synthetic green will be available for Pennant practice  


The Second running of our Thursday Triples was again, very well supported with 90 Players enjoying the Spring Weather.

Results today

First Place were Peter Mangan, Geoff Eager and one of our tireless Match Committee John Wonnacott.

Second place was taken out by Alan Thompson, John Majkut and Kurt Oswald

Third place getters were Bill Stilo, Alf Reina and Reno De Bastiani

Fourth place Reg Rowsell, John Kershaw and Bob McIntyre


The inaugural running of our Thursday Triples today was well supported with 14 rinks in play.

Results today

1st. Cliff Fothergill, Alan Thompson & Kurt Oswald

2nd. Tony French, John Horwood & Ken Graeber

3rd. Pat & Avril Steere and Albert Bertoncello

4th. Alan Hughes, Gordana Bark& Trevor Hughes. All from Mulgrave C.C.


The final in our Wednesday Winter Social Bowls was held today. From next week our mid week event will be held on Thursday as a triples event.
We had a great turnout today in the very best of Melbourne Winter weather, with some sun and plenty of chill in the air.

Loads of players were on hand, so much so that the event became a fours event!
Our winners were:

1st Malcom Garner, Richard Benning , Colin Glassenbury & Alf Reina.

2nd Bob White , Lynn McCurran ,David Warner & Val Fowler.

Best 2nd game were Graham Rushton,Christine Gage and Tom & Wendy Cantwell

Jackpot was $56 for the final week, and our 2nd place winners managed to take out the Jackpot too!

John Wonnacott, Bob Waugh and John Nicholson deserve extra thanks for their work throughout Winter to make sure that the games were organised for everyone.

Our thanks also go out to Kitchen and Bar staff for their work during the Winter too!

Social bowls moves to Thursday from the 1st of September. Good Luck everyone!


1st place went to Andrew Cook, Andrew Brock & Brian Lee

2nd place was won by Malcom Garner, Pat Ellis & Jenny Smith

Best 2nd game ... Trevor Munday, John Nicholson & John Wonnacott

Jackpot will move on to next week ( it must go off as this marks the end of season).

Remember that Thursday Triples will start on the 1st of September at 1:00pm and runs right through until the end of Pennant in March.



1st place was John Edwards team with plus 16 shots.

2nd place was Rob Hilton's team with plus 3 shots

Best second game was Harry Walsh's team.



1st place goes to Tony French, David McArthur & Rob Hilton

2nd place, with some divine intervention went to Ray Chapman, Jesus & Ron Rawson. 

Best second game was taken out by Peter Cairncross, Cheryl Cairncross & Harry Walsh. 

Jackpot to move on to next week.



1st place went to Bob White, Lynn McCurran & Alf Reina

2nd were Peter Cairncross, Cheryl Cairncross & Kevin Fewster

Best second game was taken out by John Nicholson, John Wonnacott & John Arboit

The jackpot was won this week by Irene Harris, Harry Walsh & Graham Rushton



Winners today were David Reddy and Ken Graeber
Runners Up were The Cairncross Family, Peter and Cheryl
Best 2nd game winners were Bob White and Lynn McCurran
The Jackpot will move on to next week.