Saturday Pennant Finals Practice - Sectional Finals Weekend


Saturday Pennant Finals Practice.

Normal Pennant Pre-Match Practice conditions apply to the finals to be played on
Saturday, 10 March 2018.
The Visiting Club may NOT practice at the game venue on the day of competition.
Host Clubs may practice on their own greens on the Saturday morning provided the practice is finished by 12.30pm, and they have not practiced on the rinks assigned to be used for the intended match.
Visiting Clubs may practice on their own greens before they attend an away venue, but this must be completed by 12.30pm.
For Section Finals played on Sunday 11 March 2018.
There will be NO practice on the day of the Sunday Section Final for EITHER participating side at the Venue that they are scheduled to play at prior to the two trial ends.
(This ruling is to apply for the Sunday Final only as these matches are at neutral venues)