Under 18s Update


Lockie Livingstone was playing at Sunbury this week in the Victorian under 18 competitions and participated in the pairs, triples and mixed pairs with kids from Mulgrave and Lillydale.

He reached the semi finals of the pairs and mixed pairs but couldn’t take the last step.
It was a long drive to have him there at 8am for 3 days in a row but he went okay so it was worth it. In the boys competitions there was probably the best 6 or 8 bowlers in Victoria and 4 guys actually played in the state team in interstate matches.

The team that beat him and his partner from Mulgrave yesterday both play in the state team and are pretty handy bowlers playing with Sunbury and Glenroy.

They went down 16-8 but were down 13-1 after the first 4 ends so held their own for the next 11 ends.

There was teams from all over Victoria so it was a good benchmark and he has a long way to go.

Congratulations Lockie and keep up the good work.

Our thanks to our roving reporter, proud Grandad Tom Livingstone for the update.